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STG The Lost World Of The Khmer Rouge

Cambodia is a country of impenetrable jungles and ruins lost in time. Where kings became gods and monks still seek heavenly peace. Now, this mysterious land has begun to open up to reveal the dark beauty that has lured adventurers here for centuries. For more than 30 years, the jungles have been cut off from the modern world, and much of that time it has been a Khmer Rouge stronghold. David Adams boldly penetrates these jungles to meet with former Khmer Rouge militants to enter the last bastion of the Khmer Rouge and visit the final resting place of one of the most ruthless killers in history, Pol Pot. Their new purpose is to protect the forests and the populations of endangered wildlife. Though jungles and along the river the trek is not easy, nor is it in vain.

 Read more Read less Duration: 51 min