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STG ~ The Sexual Revolution with Virginia Nicholson

The 1960s were an exciting time. The pill was invented in 1961, and for women everywhere it meant a newfound set of sexual freedoms; no longer did sex have to remain within the confines of marriage. However, the 1960s have for too long been characterised wrongfully by a surface layer of glamour and nostalgia that normally shapes its depiction in the media. While some loved the 1960s, many women were sexually objectified, and many were the victims of sexual assault. Virginia Nicholson, a brilliant historian of the 1950s, has tackled the 1960s, and brings some of her own personal experiences to bear. She talks to Dan to help explain some of the complexities of this decade, and to add nuance to our understanding of the 1960s. Producer: Peter Curry

 Read more Read less Duration: 24 min