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STG Korea in 90 Seconds

Korea: beautiful, divided, culturally rich and torn apart by war. Placed on the doorstep of three ambitious powers, China, Russia and Japan, it has been invaded by all three of these enormous states since 1900 alone. In 1945, the Soviet Union and the United States agreed on the surrender of Japanese forces in Korea in the aftermath of World War Two, leaving Korea partitioned along the 38th parallel. These circumstances soon became the basis for the division of Korea by the two superpowers, which was exacerbated by their inability to agree on the terms of Korean independence. With involvement by foreign troops, the war ended in a stalemate in 1953, but without a formalized peace treaty. High tensions linger in the region and continue to divide its people. The long and troubled history in the Korean peninsula has made North and South Korea into the countries they are today. Join Dan Snow as he takes you through what you need to know about Korea in a mere 90 seconds.

 Read more Read less Duration: 2 min