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STG A Tour of Arundel Castle in West Sussex

Arundel Castle is one West Sussex’s greatest attractions with a history spanning nearly a thousand years. It has its roots in Norman times, originally built at the end of the 11th century by the then Earl of Arundel, Roger de Montgomery. The keep Montgomery created was initially made out of wood, but was later replaced by stone. Since then the castle has been owned by several notable families including the d’Abinis, the Fitzalans and the Howards – the latter being especially famous during the Tudor Period. In the mid-seventeenth century Arundel castle became a central stage during the opening period of the English Civil War - it was first besieged first by the Royalists, who successfully captured it, and later by the Parliamentarians. Despite suffering damage, the castle was repaired and has remained one of the most prestigious castles in Britain to this day. In this episode, Dan visits the beautiful Arundel Castle and explores its long, fascinating history: from explaining how soldiers went to the loo while besieged in the keep at the beating heart of the castle to viewing the golden rosary beads of Mary Queen of Scots. Arundel Castle is very much the jewel of West Sussex and one of Britain’s greatest historical treasures. Access All Areas is a History Hit TV Original series, going behind the scenes of some of the best history locations in Britain.

 Read more Read less Duration: 15 min