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STG Dan Jones on The Knights Templar

They might be more famous today for their cameos in The Da Vinci Code and Assassin’s Creed, but in real life they were an army of valiant, daring Crusaders famous for their self-discipline, who fought in the Middle Age’s most bloody battles. They were allowed no sex, no personal possessions, and no fun – but they were some of the most formidable fighters and they quickly accrued power and wealth. The order was initially set up to protect pilgrims, who would attempt to make dangerous journeys between the cities and sites of interest in the Holy Lands – journeys that required traversing paths filled with rotting bodies on either side, as the time it would take to bury fellow pilgrims would most likely result in one’s own death. The Knights were answerable only to the Pope and didn’t have to pay many taxes, which meant they quickly became financially secure and wielded great power across various countries. In this episode, Dan Snow meets the man with whom he is often confused, bestselling writer of Medieval history Dan Jones. He discusses his book 'The Knights Templar' at the Temple in Central London, the physical embodiment of this medieval religious order that also trained warrior monks.

 Read more Read less Duration: 46 min